Using the self-service libraries

In Kuopio, there are six self-service libraries: Jynkkä, Karttula, Nilsiä, Puijonlaakso, Kaavi and Tuusniemi libraries.

Library customers can use the self-service library also when the library staff is not present. During self-service hours, library customers may for example borrow and return materials via self-check machines, collect reserved items, use the library’s Internet terminals, read magazines or study in the library. Library customers may also via self-check machines renew their loans and check up the pick-up locations and reservation numbers of their reservations. Printing out and photocopying is, however, possible only when the staff is present.

Library is open Mon-Thu from 7 AM to 9 PM and Fri-Sun from 7 AM to 6 PM. On holiday eves and midweek holidays from 7 AM to 6 PM. During self-service hours, library customers gain entrance to the library with a personal Kuopio City library card and PIN code (the same four-digit code that is used for web library).

When entering the library, the library card barcode is shown to the device beside the library door and the PIN code is typed in. When the self-service hours start, the library customers who are inside the library should also log in as self-service customers.

When the self-service hours end, the library alarm system is activated, and the library customers should exit the library immediately. If the alarm goes on, and it is caused by the library customer, the customer will be held responsible for the possible costs.

When entering or exiting the library, the library customer should take care that no third party will gain entrance to the library. Even though the library customer’s borrowing privileges are suspended, the library customer may use the self-service library. The library staff may temporarily prohibit the self-service entrance for a specific customer, should any disturbing behaviour occur.

The library customers agree to abide by the Kuopio City Library terms of use and to take into consideration the other library customers. There is a recording camera surveillance in the library.

The parents and the children should together get acquainted with the library facilities and safety before the children use the library as self-service. The general safety instructions are shown in the self-service libraries.

The self-service library offers:
- an open wireless network
- Internet terminals
- self-check machines for borrowing and returning